Welcome to My Race Setup
The revolutionary, cloud based solution built by racers, for racers!

What is My Race Setup?

Our safe and secure platform enables racers from all over the world to enter and store their racing information and access it from anywhere, anytime.

With our intelligent tools, we aim to make life easier for the racer, enabling them to focus on racing. As racers, we understand just how valuable time at the track is and the last thing anyone wants to be doing is spending hours logging data.

Our platform was built to work with minimal input from the user but to maximise the information available. Try it and see.

Safe and Secure

Only YOU Can see YOUR data!

Accessible from Any Device!

Being Cloud based means your data is available anywhere, anytime!

Multiple Classes available!

We currently support Sprintcars (Winged & Wingless), Speedcars / Midgets, Microsprints (Winged & Wingless) with more coming soon!


Enter and Store setup sheets, or compare them with previous races to easy analyse your racing data.


Add your equipment so that it takes less time to input setup data plus keep on top of parts usage.


Tired of forgetting where you're at with your Maintenance? We can help by reminding what is due.


Have a PDF, picture or a note that you want to be easy to find? Add to the Notebook or Filing Cabinet.


Going to a new track and unsure of any details? Our database has heaps of tracks pre loaded.

Helpful Tools

We have built some custom tools to help you plan your races in the shop and on the race nights.


By adding in Setup data, we start to compile your stats so its easy to see and share with friends or sponsors.


Use Race Monitor? Our site is integrated so that along with your setup data you can see timing data.